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Stacey Barry of Azure Blue Photography and Cinema

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Hi, my name is Stacey Barry and I’m committed to providing you with wedding photography that truly represents your special day as a complete story – focusing on real emotions and relationships.

“It’s your wedding day!”

A client of mine recently said that he knew whenever he saw me with a camera, that something significant in his life was happening. Let us document those special moments for you to have for a lifetime so that you can fully enjoy the moment when it is taking place. We will photograph your wedding as it unfolds and we will capture it beautifully and naturally.

Our complete coverage ensures that the most important parts of your day are not missed! We emphasize natural light and spontaneous emotions. In capturing your wedding day, our approach is non-obtrusive. We like to have fun & laugh and we love working with couples that love to laugh too. We will do whatever we can to make sure we’re all having fun and capturing something spectacular at the same time. Give us some beautiful light and two people crazy in love, and we will make some magic happen. When it comes to your portraits, we have a pretty relaxed, simple and fuss free approach and guarantee not to make you do any awkward or cheesy poses. (But some will be high-fashion, which will be fun, too, I promise!)

Your wedding day is about spending time with your loved ones, so I’m not about to drag you around making you strike a pose for hours on end. My approach allows you to spend as much time having fun with your loved ones as possible as they are the most important part of your day and it’s those moments that I will photograph. I love getting to know my clients, ’cause after all we are spending a whole day together. By getting to know you, I become immersed in your story and your relationships with those you love. I’m not there to just snap away on your big day. I’m creating something that you will keep forever which means I take my job very seriously and am very honoured and grateful to those that choose me to be a part of their day. I’m inspired by the simple things and the simple moments in life and that’s what led me to create Azure Blue Photography (and Cinema! as of 6 years ago :). I believe that whatever way you choose to marry is the perfect way to marry, I believe in marriage equality and I believe the true beauty behind a wedding is in the love and strength two people can give one another. I don’t believe a wedding is a fashion shoot for a wedding magazine, I believe a wedding should be shot for the two of you.

In short, I think we are a kick-ass group of Toronto wedding photographers who love what we do and I feel it shows in our work. Welcome to the world of Azure Blue. You can email us anytime you like or contact us at Wedding Wire.

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