Family Photography is a beautiful thing. We love taking photographs of families because it is so nice to capture the wonderful and playful memories that a family shares. We love when our past wedding clients call us to say they have added a new member to their family. It has been lovely to watch all of these families grow and change over the years. Family photoshoots can be done in the studio or on location. We especially love it when people bring their pets because they are part of the family too. Call or e-mail to discuss locations for family photo shoots. Larger families are best when photographed outside. We will be able to provide you with location suggestions. Before the photo shoot make sure everyone stands in front of the mirror together to ensure you are happy with your outfit choices. We recommend families stay away from heavy patterns on clothing which can be distracting in the shot. Contact us for family photos now, you will be amazed at how quick they grow.

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