At Azure Blue we always recommend having an engagement shoot before your wedding. We love engagement shoots because they are great practice for your wedding day as well as a chance to meet and get to know your photographer. We love getting to know our clients before the big day and it is extremely important that our clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Upon booking our clients we make sure the lead photographer’s style is well suited to each couple. Here at Azure Blue we allow our clients to choose their lead wedding photographer based on their portfolio.

Our photographers will recommend or suggest certain locations to help make the planning process easier for our clients. We keep in mind the clients’ wishes and style while still using our professional opinion to choose a location. We like to choose a spot that is meaningful to you but will also portray beauty, good lighting and a sense of variety. The engagement shoot location can be outdoor or indoor. We often choose a location that does not require a permit in case we need to reschedule or the weather is poor.

The engagement shoot is one hour and we suggest our clients bring an outfit change for some more variety. It is always a plus when our clients incorporate their favourite activity or bring their pets with them. It is also helpful to bring props such as chalkboards, wine glasses, balloons or blankets to help make your engagement shoot unique. The engagement photos help create memories that you will share with your friends and family. Some clients choose to use their engagement photos as wedding invitations, save the date cards or even thank you cards.

 We would love to help plan your engagement session with us. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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