Studio photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture a portrait or product in an artistic manner. It is used to capture a wide range of different content from living things such as people, plants, and animals to nonliving items such as cars and promotional products. Studio photography is performed indoors, in a location we can totally manipulate. We love studio photography because it allows us to be creative and control all the elements of the shot. One of the most difficult aspects of outdoor photography, also known as “shooting on location”, is controlling the elements. Even the best camera equipment cannot account for things like the weather or wildlife. This is what makes studio photography so great! Our new studio in Mississauga is bright and beautiful. Our studio has a variety of colourful backdrops, as well as a white brick fireplace and beautiful french doors. We use professional-grade lighting equipment as well. Lighting is one of, if not the most important aspect of taking greats shots. Having the ability to control these variables is the main reason studio photography is used to shoot a variety of subjects on a professional level. Here at our new studio, we are able to capture newborns, families, headshots, boudoir, product, food and couple photos. In addition to state of the art lighting, our studio also has props for holiday shoots, babies and families. We are here to support all your studio photography needs!

Our studio is located in the heart of Mississauga right near Square One. It is available for commercial and personal photography/cinematography rentals. Contact us now to rent the studio or hire one of our photographers/cinematographers for your shoot. Call us or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you about dates and times. Please ensure that you are on time for your shoot as multiple shoots can be done on the same day. We allow our clients to bring their owns props if they prefer. Bringing multiple outfit changes to the studio is also a good idea. We suggest newborn photos be taken within the first 14 days of birth. Photographers who wish to rent the studio are welcome to bring their own lights and props as well.

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